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Self Discovery and Experiential Learning.
Present a challenging environment
where communication and performance are critical
all to encourage group dynamics.
Everyone is in the moment
and being spontaneous.
Canvas anoraks and Goldline ropes.
Serving self and the groups greater good
leads to a win win for everyone.
Differences are the 'keepin' it real' part of the dynamic.
Being reliant on one another helps to maintain perspective.
Northern Cascades, McKeen Ridge.
Breakfast, home baked bread fried in bacon fat topped with homemade jam.
Evening luxury, homemade fruitcake dipped in Southern Comfort.
Chemistry happens when we don't feel threatened
because we all know who can do what.
300+ over nights in 1975.
Talkeetna Glacier, so breathtaking it levitates consciousness.
Black Water by the Doobie Brothers was in my head.
The plane was my raft and the "Mississippi callin' my name" was Denali.
2nd day binding breaks and I'm walking.
Crossing crevasses on foot is not the same as skis spreading the weight over a snow bridge.
No place I'd rather be.
Head down & 'counting tiles'.
Tom Whittaker
Dave Hopkins
Guy Clarkson
Little human in the wild.
Big snow cone.
-40 & a faulty stove ends my summit attempt.
In extreme cold it's important to take in warmed calories at night when you're not active.
"So cold lawyers would have their hands in their own pocket."
Tom points out it's my first big trip
and that I'll learn more by not summiting.
'Big snow cones' demand everything
& a strong effort doesn't guarantee anything.
Luck is either with you or not.
Expedition breaky, baby food powder, instant oatmeal, dried milk & brown sugar.
Individually packaged, just add hot water.
"Well I built me a raft and she's ready for sailing . . . "




 The road less travelled was to easy and the fringe seemed to predictable. It took the most     remote and extreme  conditions to reveal my character which came through when I needed it.   



"My goal was to draw the 'deep you' to the surface so you   could see there's nothing to be afraid of and you're more

 than capable. 'You may not have the confidence but you   have the competence.' " 

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